Shiro Schwarz – Together b/w Boogie Ghost

together-45Star Creature is another label we have admired from afar, and when we got deep into their fresh catalog were amazed as to the quality of the music they put out. Championed by selectors all over the world, this label will be remembered in future years for putting out unbelievable music in smaller quantities that not only stood the test of time, but had collectors and disc jocks the world over scrambling to get their hands and turntables on them. They are definitely dedicated to the art of moving butts, and this forty five by Shiro Schwarz is a double sided heater that will make the most delicate of wall flowers get up and boogie. After much success in 2016 and their debut on Star Creature, they are back to fill dance floors with two tracks: “Together” and “Boogie Ghost”. Docking their Mexico City space yacht firmly rooted in 80’s disco, boogie and funk to your ears until you have to dance, this duo take you on a voyage to sail the seas of vocoders, synths, and electronic drums on both tracks. The A is a romantic jaunt that will fill floors in no time, and the B, “Boogie Ghost”, a favorite in their live set, comes alive on your hi fi minus their great visuals, but you will have to see them live to get that dopeness. Two sides of heat to get the party started. Check out both tracks below, and pre-order the record out on February 27th. These records from Star Creature seem to sell out quick, so get on it before you are scouring Discogs to get your fill. You know the drill.

Buy the record, out Feb. 27th, here.

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