Add Noise Collective – Shape Shifter

shape-shifterToday’s superb goodness comes to you via the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado from the crew known as Add Noise Collective, and their first single “Shape Shifter”. Featuring members of the Euforquestra horns and Matt Grundstad aka FUNKMA$TER, as well as the drums of Congo Sanchez, founder and multi-instrumentalist Mike Tallman has brought this interesting group of players together. The sound itself is a blend of heavy dub, roots, as well as funk and soul elements to fuse Add Noise Collective together. The fine group of musicians includes Congo Sanchez on drums, Matt Grundstad on congas & tambourine, Matt Bricker on trumpet, Austin Zaletel on saxophone and Tallman on all other instruments, we are definitely digging this fresh sound coming out of The Rockies. Recorded straight to tape on a Tascam 388 studio 8 with a shitty is pretty ethic, this all analog project keeps it real in a big way. It reminds us of DJ Krush/ DJ Cam singles back in the ’90’s, who had those heavy drums and dubby elements all throughout. How can you go wrong with some dub in your tune? This record might fly under the radar, but it’s definitely got some weight to it, so we are hoping you all dig this as much as we do. “Shape Shifter” also has a drum and bass track as well, which, surprise surprise is heavy drum and bass and the dub side of tings. Echo chamber for days, Scratch would be proud of this sound, but then he might ask them to burn the studio down. Burn it down they do (with the track), so hear both sides below.

Buy the music here.

Keep Diggin’!

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