The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper – Love That I’m In

We have always encouraged our readers here at Flea Market Funk to dig deeper. That means turn off the radio, open your ears and your mind and prepare yourself for some music you most likely have not heard before. The latest from Jalapeno Records, who have a long history of releasing bangers is back at it again with one of the funkiest tracks out there at the moment. For those of you that may have missed previous collaborations between Ugly Ducking’s all star lyricist Andy Cooper and the powerhouse UK duo The Allergies, here’s a chance to grab their latest effort. “Love That I’m In” is an 80’s disco/ boogie laden track with enough groove to power a small county using its energy. With Cooper’s rapid fire, tongue twisting delivery and The Allergies heavy, beat laden production (this time going in deep on the 80’s vibe) this choon is sure to rock the discotec for sure. With sensual female vocals and all the right grooves in all the right places, “Love That I’m In” ticks all the boxes and has us moving in our seats this am. It will for sure have the same effect on you too. Check out the video below, which is equally as good. There is a seven inch available for this track as well, so keep the floor moving with “Love That I’m In” and enjoy your Monday. This is a good start.

Pre-order the record, here, available March 31st.

Keep Diggin’!

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