Insight And Damu: Ears Hear Spears

We have long preached the gospel of Damu the Fudgemunk here at Flea Market. With a huge body of work beneath him, it’s no wonder projects 10 years old are coming out of the woodwork these days. Ears Hear Spears, a collaboration with legendary Boston emcee and renaissance man Insight, was originally set to be released on Tres Records (now defunct) a decade ago. Damu was a young buck making moves and Insight had already established himself but the label was not feeling this effort, so it was shelved. Out of that, came one of the best hip hop records in the 2000’s, Y Society’s Travel At Your Own Pace. Insight was a cat who was doing things way ahead of his time in that time period (his own, pre-social media, interactive website among other things). He would also find success through App development and social media marketing strategies as well as being a triple threat performer: emcee/ DJ/ Producer. Talented in many ways, which is just as important today as it was back then.

Developing the brain, always measure the aim, feeling pleasant in the present things could never be the same.

Ears Hear Spears was written during the Bush years and spoke to what was happening at that time, but the material covered can alsp be applied to today’s societal problems and woes as well. Here’s what Insight had to say about releasing this after ten years: “This album discusses the importance of togetherness, using your mind, the politics of the music industry and so much more. As time progressed, inequality, racism and ignorance [all topics covered in depth on Ears] moved to the forefront in unexpected ways, dominating news and everyday conversations through the rising usage of social media. This album that was once considered limited actually became more relevant as time went by. I started to feel that we had a duty to release it now.” We are glad they decided to drop this beast. Stream the record below, out on Redefinition Records now.

Buy the record here.

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