Donnell Pitman & Wings of Sunshine – Do You Wanna

As of late, Star Creature Universal Vibrations is the most asked about label I spin out. No matter what record I am playing, their distinct, feel good sound touches hearts and minds where ever it is. This latest record is a special one. When Chicago based Kumar McMillian of Wings of Sunshine needed a collaborator on vocals for their newest 45, a casual intro to disco heavyweight Donnell Pitman would lead to one of their most exciting releases so far. Pitman’s pedigree with disco heads and his highly sought after releases from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, bolstered by a his releases from Numero Group and Joey Negro’s Under The Influence compilation on vinyl, have reminded jocks and collectors that these releases are pure fire. Speaking of, this double side of mega heat on the Star Creature label is a certified instant classic. It could be called a masterpiece, a work of genius, or like we just said, an instant classic. With all the right grooves in all the right places, “Do You Wanna” will have them sweating hard in the pitch dark at the late night spot. This is not for your early set, although, you can still get with it if there is no sweat involved. It just has that sound, a sound that will last for decades. Best believe it. The flip, “Need My Love” is a darker side, a bit slower, that burns right into your ears. Sexy, synthy, and satisfying, this B-Side is definitely a winner too. Check out both sides, available to stream below. These records sell out pretty fast, so if it moves you, if you need it, Star Creature has got it.

Pre-Order the record which ships around April 10th here.

Keep Diggin’!

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