Quadrant 77 feat. Mano Reza: Funk Weapon

Why not start your week off with some funk? It’s been a long weekend, and well, you need to get funked up a bit, right? Today’s treat comes straight out of NYC from Quandrnt 77/ Kozmik Funk. Side A, “Funk Weapon”, is a synthy, space odyssey of modern funk that you will be able to get down to over and over again. Featuring Mano Reza on guitar, this side has got what you want in a modern funk record that proceeds to explodes on the dance floor. The flip from Kozmik Funk, “Don’t Funk Wid Us” features E.Live (of Star Creature fame) on some synth solos, stabs, and pads. Fans of that label will recognize that special sound right away. You see how the universe connects us all with the funk? This boogie, electro influenced, ’80’s funky bucket is a another winner. Upbeat, crazy bass, and of course those synth solos. Let’s not forget some vocoder and Sir Paul McCartney vocalizing a bit on the track (courtesy of Mano Reza). In this, we have got another winner. Super limited press (150 records) on white vinyl with no repress, you need to get it because it will be gone quickly. Also includes unlimited digital streaming of the tracks plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more for all your devices. You have to have that funk on the go, don’t you? Released by Spazzoid Records, the funkiest place on earth, we are backing this double sider fully. Stream both tracks below:

Buy the record here.

More info on Spazzoid Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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