Living Funk Documentary

What happens when filmmaker and vinyl record collector Mark Kotlinski digs up a acetate from the 1970’s from an unknown funk band? He tracks down the band of course. Living Funk is a documentary project that follows the search for the Living Funk band from Rochester, NY and their very interesting story. As in many cases with this funk music we love, music was made, memories faded, musicians grew up and went their own way, and these records become highly sought after decades later. Insert multiple band names, it’s just a sad fact of the past music business. In this case though, Kotlinski has really has dug deep to tell the story of musician Strangelove, his band, as well as their music taht was recorded four decades ago. The film itself is very well done, and the record has been reissued as well. It has previously gone for big money in the vinyl record collecting world. Documentaries like these are very important, they tell the real story of the music and the people that made it. It’s not just about the music, although that has always impacted us greatly, it’s the human interest factor, the struggle, and the recognition (and hopefully some financial gain) of these artists all these years later. Well done on all fronts with this one. Check out the seventeen minute film below, and go to the link after to purchase both records.

Living Funk

Get the records here.

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