Mr. Bongo Brazil 45’s 63 + 64

It’s hard to believe that this series is up to sixty three and sixty four respectively. It’s been so deep, so funky, so BRAZIL, that every time another Mr. Bongo seven comes out we are just amazed how good it is. These two forty fives again just blow ears and minds away. Featuring two sides of heat, the A is Marilene “Sinal Vermelho”, is taken from 1973 compacto 7” released on Copacabana and is spectacular. Killer vocals from Marilene, it’s got a psych vibe to it with some tough drums to boot. The flip, Nonato Buzar “Verão Vermelho” brings the psych vibe again, but with that Brazilian flavor and that flute and strings which seals the deal for us.

The next 45 features Majó “As Sementes”, a funky samba side originally released on Odeon in 1974. Funky as hell with some tight vocals, the B features Os Impossíveis “Dando Fora”. This track is funky too, and has the ability to really just make you move in your seat. It’s light and airy but oh so funky as well. Two heavyweight forty fives from the master Mr. Bongo. Check out all the tracks below:

Get the records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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