Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink: Tell Me That You Love Me

Staying on that smooth, low rider tip, Timmion Records link up with Texas made and Cali raised doo wop kid Jonny Benavidez along with Cold Diamond & Mink for a banger of a soul record. Jonny’s been singing with doo wop groups as well as heavyweights such as Archie Bell and Eugene Pitt from The Jive Five among others. So with that pedigree, you know that Benavidez is the real deal. It’s not hard to hear why the man is in demand. This silky voice is on point, and for those lovers of sweet as pie soul, this record is indeed a treat. Visions of pressed Pendleton shirts, Ben Davis trousers, Nike Cortez and Suavecito coiffed hairstyles waiting around for this young man to get acceptance of his love from his favorite female are a perfect backdrop to this soundtrack of love and devotion. If this isn’t one of the best soul records of the year, we don’t know what is. Mark our words, this record will be on best of lists come December. You get a bonus instrumental on the B-Side which is dope in its own right, but yeah, the A side is something very special. Raw, beautiful, and exactly what a sweet soul record should sound like, get down to the sounds that cross boundaries all over the globe: Helsinki to Texas to the West Coast, pull someone you love close and dance a while to this treat. In fact, pick the needle up and do it again. It feels that good. Check out the track below:

Get the record here, available Nov. 10th.

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