Pawn Shop Soul – Trinidad b/w Grab This Thing

If you are partial to instrumental organ jazz funk and soul, then you’ll be delighted to hear the official 45 release from Pawn Shop Soul on Lugnut Brand Records. They got together in 2013 and this ten piece outfit reminisces back to the day when jazz bands were the only thing, a time in the late 60’s where you dressed neat and the music has hot. Drawing on that feeling as well as the Northern Soul scene in the UK, they release two powerful and grit filled sides for your listening pleasure. Recorded live and direct in their first year of existence, both tracks prove that they have what it takes. “Trinidad”, a sleazy boogaloo mover with Afro-Cuban links is a definite winner. This is a late night track, wall grinding music for those of you in the know. Its infectious groove takes over and before you know it you’re writhing like a snake, hypnotized by their sound. The flip, is a bang up cover of the Mar-Keys track “Grab That Thing”. Packy Axton would be proud. It’s an updated and swinging take on the classic. Lugnut Brand is really doing their thing on the West Coast. With bands like The M-Tet, Thee Baby Cuffs, The Vicious Seeds, The Incredible Say Whats, and more, they are establishing themselves as a label that not only puts out funky music, but all of their releases are quality. Just like the early Desco, Soul Fire, Daptone, and now Colemine releases, they will get scooped up and command bigger dollars in years to come, so don’t sleep. The label does not disappoint. Have a listen to both tracks below and pre-order for the December 1 release. Grab this 45, it’s another heater.

Pre-Order the record here, it releases December 1st.

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