The James Hunter Six – I Don’t Want To Be Without You

We get excited here when a record like this comes out. We are even more excited when an artist like James Hunter, someone who has clearly paid his dues and excels at his craft puts out a belter like this, we are all ears. From working on the railroad to busking in London to back up singer for Van Morrison to being hailed as the UK’s Best Soul Singer by MOJO magazine in 2016, Hunter has kept the fire burning with beautifully crafted songs and lyrics that make your heart swoon. This new release, possibly his best to date, has old and new fans alike feeling the love from start to finish. “I Don’t Want To Be Without You” is a love song I think we can all relate to. Set to a soulful rocksteady beat, Hunter pours his heart out (and we find out it is to his wife new Jessie, which makes it even sweeter): “I don’t wanna be without you baby like before/ I don’t wanna be without you baby now more.” When you find the right thing, you stay with it. Hunter has found the right thing in not only love, but solid song writing, and a band that has been with him for decades. Love and loyalty are on the forefront of this first single off of his latest full length Whatever It Takes. Recorded at Daptone’s Penrose Studios in Riverside, California, Bosco Mann gives this record the attention and precise production that it deserves. If you are a fan of Hunter, or have just stumbled upon this rhythm and blues and soul master, then good on ya. Daptone have released a beautiful record with a scholar of soul. Check out the single, which is available now in red marble or black vinyl, and you can pre-order the full length LP, available on February 2nd as well. All hail, the king is here, and his name is James Hunter.

Get the record here.

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