Enrico Intra – Funk Sessions In Milan

We are feeling extra funky this morning, with Dualismo Sounds, who have a new release ready for the masses. Their last output from Italian maestro Paolo Zavallone was a huge success, so they are back with another banger for the dance floor from another great, Enrico Intra. Funk Sessions In Milan is a journey through funky disco rhythms and two sides of body movin’ grooves for the groove oriented music love. Intra, who is well know as one of the best pianists in Europe, has also touched the disco/ funk record digging community as the artist also known as Lester Freeman. Going against the grain of traditional Italian spoken music, Intra would put out some tough records. Both of these sides are from his Momento Intra record, where he plays with one of the funkiest drummers in Italy Tullio De Piscopo and the great Gigi Cappellotto at the bass

De Piscopo started with a break, then with my Fender Rhodes I would create the bass line. “Starbus” was composed just with a Fender and with De Piscopo’s breaks. It was a really unusual way to make music in Italy at that time

Both of these tracks are considered revolutionary, as we stated earlier because they go against the norm of Italian records with spoken words on them. This is Italian disco, as as the funk met the disco sound between 1976 to 1979/ 1980, dance floors were packed and people got into this groove. This Italian disco is a bit different from the ’80’s Ital disco that grew popular due to the heavy use of synthesizers, and was definitely less funky than this. “Insieme” is a solid disco cut where Intra highlights his classical piano chops, a heavy bass line, and deep drums for days. The flip, a more funkier cut, “Starbus”, goes hard with the bass and driving beat. Strings fill the song throughout, and out of the two, this is the gonna make you sweat cut. They are both top tracks, and will move a floor. Dualismo Sound has done a bang up job of getting these cuts back out, so if funky Italian disco is your thing, then this record is right for your bag. Pressed to 300 hand numbered copies, it won’t be around long. Listen to both records below:

More info on the releases here, which releases on Feb. 16th.

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