Orkesta Mendoza – Cumbia Volcadora b/w Caramelos

We definitely believe in diversity in music here on FMF, and after a lengthy discussion this weekend with a respected record label owner about opening up your mind with music not just as a DJ, but an appreciator of vinyl records, we bring you a really special release from Boogieburg Records. This is their fourth forty five on the label, and for that they chose Orkesta Mendoza’s “Cumbia Volcadora”. This is a big one, as they grab a superb group of palyers: pioneer of Mexican electronic music, Calio Lara aka Mexican Institute of Sound, Salvador Duran (Calexico, Iron and Wine), Quetzal Guerrero (Osulande’s Yoruba Records), Ceci Bastida (Nacional Records, who form like Voltron with Orkesta Mendoza led by Sergio Mendes of Calexico to give us two sides of cumbia heat. For those of you who are afraid to take the leap into cumbia and the many other genres that ride along with it, we say don’t be. We’ve featured a few cumbia records from artists of yesteryear and in the modern day (Thank You NYC Trust!), and quite honestly, it has made us a more well rounded person musically. We’re better for it. Both sides, “Cumbia Volcadora”, a track you might have to get the doctor to see if you have a beating heart if it doesn’t move you, and the guitar laden “Caramelos”may be a departure from the boogie funk on the label, but are tight tracks and dope none the less. Boogieburg diversify their growing portfolio with this one, and you should too. Check out both tracks below, and purchase the seven inch after the stream.

Buy the record here.

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