Gizelle Smith feat Eric Boss – Hero

In a world where music genres get blurred in the mainstream, and critics throw around names freely, it’s truly tough for lovers of real funk and soul music to get into records made today that call themselves funk and soul, but really aren’t. But we have said since day one that we wanted to promote the real stuff, the champions of the music, the underdogs, and those clawing their way through this life doing exactly what they love. So when another record comes along from a true soul siren like Gizelle Smith, who we have featured on FMF before, we stop what we are doing, because her releases are important. Even better, she collabs frequently with Eric Boss, one of the hardest working artists/ DJs/ soul scholars around. So it’s no surprise that Smith’s latest effort, “Hero” from the forthcoming Ruthless Day, out on Jalapeno Records, is another hit. Smith can lay down a tune like no other, and the one two punch of her and Boss have combined for heater after heater. Eric Boss, who has channeled his inner Gil Scott-Heron on this track is a perfect accompaniment to the sweetness of Smith’s vocal honey. Pay attention to this track, it’s truly genuine, and like other projects Boss has been involved in (Myron & E, The Pendletons), they are authentic through and through. Like Tami and Marvin, the pair are all you need to get by. We have been impressed with Smith, and it seems like she just goes deeper in the genres, flexing those vocal chops, adding a little more flavor, and with those horn stabs and back beat for her to flex over, there is no stopping her on this side. Expanding horizons in the true spirit of the music, this modern funk and soul at its finest. Keep your ears peeled out for the full length, which we have no doubt is a belter. You get three tracks from the full length streaming below including “Hero”. Start your day out right with Gizelle Smith.

Pre-Order the record here, out March 23rd on Jalpeno Records.

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