Kumasi – Akoben

If there is one thing we can appreciate, it’s a good afrobeat record. Hailing from New Orleans, this baker’s dozen of musicians channel the spirits of early 1970’s Lagos through the Big Easy and brings dance floor fire to the masses. While their first record, Togetherness went the all instrumental route, this second offering brings in conscious conversations about what’s going on here in the United States as well as abroad. These original songs harken back to the days of the mighty Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, who of course went on to forge a legendary path for themselves and this music. Disciples of the sound, Kumasi lights it up on four tracks on this 12″. Starting the record off with “Mythomane”, a on fire track that reels you in and puts you front and center at the Shrine in the present day. A place where you can hear this track over and over until the sun comes up, Kumasi really light it up proper with this one. Full of authenticity and a groove that just won’t quit, we could listen to this ten minutes plus track all day long. Going right into “Runoff”, with it’s percussion charm and orgy of wailing horns, it’s a continuation of the party from the first track. If you like to dance, feel the music, and are in tune with what real afrobeat is, then you will appreciate what this record has to offer. And, we are only two tracks in. “You Want My Body” sends in some sexy guitar licks that roll to a boil like the craw fish and gumbo their city is known for and gets into a call and response that takes the track to the next level. “Slough City” ends the record with a spoken word beginning. Dedicated to the aftermath of New Orleans destruction after the storm, it goes into a whole list of five generations of vinyl records lost (which breaks our heart even more), and then comes in just as hard as that storm did. Horns blaring, bass and guitar keeping up, the perfect storm is the perfect way to end the record. This type of music is alive and well in 2018, even far away from its African beginnings, and running strong in Louisiana. Stream the record below:

Get the record from Superjock Records here.

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