The Friends of Eddie Coyle/ La Pacha OST

For those of you who don’t like Record Store Day because of the amount of unnecessary stuff that gets reissued and clogs up printing plants, there are a few silver linings for next week. We Want Sounds is putting out two original sound tracks that you might want to try to get your hands on at your local record shop. The first gem is from The Friends of Eddie Coyle, a movie from Peter Yates in 1973, with the soundtrack is done by Dave Grusin. While it may not be Grusin’s most popular or applauded score, it is definitely all killer and no filler. This soundtrack was never released to the film, and finally 45 years after the cult movie was put out, We Want Sounds brings you a beautiful gatefold sleeve with an alternative cover by illustrator Oliver Barrett. Featuring the music taken from the original mater tapes with bonus materiel, as well as a new essay by UK writer and musician David Toop, this will be a highlight of RSD 2018. Featuring such notables as Tom Scott, Bud Shank, John Guerin, and Emil Richards, Chuck Rainey, the record is dope with a large D.

The other release on RSD from We Want Sounds is the OST for the 1968 Serge Gainsbourg score for La Pacha. Featuring a previously unreleased break beat version of the stone cold classic “Requiem Pour Un Con” as well as two bonus instrumental tracks from the William Klein directed Mister Freedom OST. This is another score that will delight you. Arranged by the famous Michael Colombier, who had helped Gainsbourg put out some of his best work (“Bonnie & Clyde”, “Harley Davidson”), he was also responsible for arranging the cult track “Psyche Rock” by Pierre Henry, which draws comparisons to “Un Noel 67” on this very record. This is the first ever vinyl release of the record. Released as a gatefold sleeve and containing artwork by famed designer Maxime Pecourt, the music was remastered from the original tapes and features liners from French bass player Francis Darizcuren. Another winner for the day. Listen to a few tracks from both below.

More info on We Want Sound and these RSD releases here.

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