Skippy White: A Vinyl Life

With Record Store Day around the corner, we’re bringing you a story about Boston, Massachusetts record store owner Skippy White. Interviewed by author, writer, and historian Brian Coleman in collaboration with Noah Schaffer and Mike Garth, this radio style audio feature talks with the Boston legend in his last remaining record store. Bringing soul, jazz, gospel, R & B, and more to the area through his record store and on his radio shows, his over fifty year career and connection with the black community has not only made him a respected legend, but earned him accolades as the first non African American to be honored by the African American Ball of Boston.
With a reputation for one of the best record stores in the area, Skippy White’s operation and reputation has kept customers coming back to the store for decades. He has deep knowledge and a back story of the records he sells. It’s what what his customers would call “old music”, and they keep coming back for it (as well as the story that goes with each one). A producer of gospel, R & B, and even hip hop, White is familiar with all types of music, and his knowledge is something you don’t get with a download. Skippy White is the reason people keep coming back to record stores. You would be lucky to have a man like White open a record store in your community. As many record shops close one by one, the man and his legacy shine like a beacon in the night. A character, a professor, a trailblazer, and a pillar of the community, Skippy White is indeed a New England legend. As with his books, lectures, and the like, Coleman leaves no stone unturned on this very special piece. While Skippy White and his record store may not be partaking in RSD this year, we are sure his feelings are that record store day is every day. This article tells the tale of a true legend who has dedicated his life not just to music, but the community as well. He carries the torch of the music he promotes, and we would all be lucky to have a store owner like Skippy in any of our towns we live in.

Read the Medium article (complete with audio piece) here.

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