Andrea Benini – Drumphilia Vol. 1

Music comes to us from the far corners of the world, and many musicians have taken world music influences and injected them into their musical message to the people. Whether it’s an influence from India, Latin America, or Africa, among others, broadening their musical scope has always made releases like this record from Andrea Benini special. This record is an aural experiment that blends traditional instruments with analog electronics. Drumiphila Vol. 1 follows suit like the great Francis Bebey, who fused traditional instruments with synthesizers (and introduced the would to the great Manu Dibango). Benini has done the same on this LP, adding analog drum machines and drum synths with said previous traditional instruments. His journey through sound, inspired by artists like Bebey as well as early electronic music via Africa. These layers were formed with tuned percussion instruments (organic basslines created by the blend of drum synth tones and acoustic marimbula), and also include the use of thumb piano, log drum, a Pearl Syncussion SV-1, as well as early Soviet Union drum modules. The first track streaming, “Jawa”, has a tropical feel and organic drum sounds that makes for an interesting listen. Definitely a head nodder with a serious beat. The second track, “El Guererro” picks up the pace and gives us a lo-fi house track that brings us back to the infant days of electronic music. Dedicated to all the rhythm diggers all over the globe, file this one under funky and interesting.

Get the record, available June 22nd on Agogo Records.

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