Edo. G Presents DJ Premier & Pete Rock

Hey, everyone’s always talking about the good old days, right? Well, let’s talk about the good old days. Redefinition Records is releasing Boston rap legend Edo. G’s latest project Edo. G Presents DJ Premier Vs Pete Rock. Collaborating with these two iconic producers for years, this project is just as much a celebration as it is a new release, as Ed picks his favorite tracks they have done together over the years. This 4 x 45 RPM box set contains four tracks plus previously unreleased instrumentals, for a total of eight sides in all. With no lead single, this project will be left up to the fans to determine what they think should be the single. It’s a great snap shot of the time, when Preemo and Pete Rock were going head to head making music, touring all over the globe, and pushing each other further and further. The packaging and design is done by heavyweight illustrator/ artist Joseph Buckingham aka Joe Buck, who captures the producers’ sportsmanship like rivalry via vintage boxing poster art. The three pugilists have been fighting for their own for four decades and Buck captures the spirit and tenacity of them with his work. The four singles are housed in an eight panel gatefold jacket, a proper resting spot for this special project. Perfect for fans of all three artists, as these tracks have been long out of print on vinyl and available for the first time on 45 RPM. This project was produced entirely by Pete Rock and DJ Premier, so for all you super fans, completists, and golden age lovers, you will definitely need this in your collection. Respect the elders of the game, who have helped lay the foundation for the younger cats of today to do their thing. This is one of the must have seven inch hip hop box sets of the year. Stream below:

Pre-Order the box set available 8/17 from Redefinition Records here.

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