Insolito Universo – Vuelve

Feeling this record this Friday, so let’s jump right in to two sides from Paris based quartet Insólito UniVerso. With a broad spectrum of influences and sounds that include traditional Latin American music, psychedelic folk, and baroque singing, the music is steeped heavy in Venezuelan folklore, its instruments, and the rhythms that come with it. With a full length record slated for late Summer/ early Fall, this preview of what’s coming is a great way to start off your weekend. Both sides are equally impressive, but different in sound. The A-Side, “Vuelve” fuses traditional Venezualen joropo that typically gets played with maracas, harp, and cuatro with elements of electronica as well as electric bass, Farfisa and drums. Very Stereolab-ish to say the least. Beautiful and moving at the same time. The flip, “Décima” takes inspiration from the North East region of Venezuela, a slow burner, a malagueña with some cosmic synthy undertones courtesy of Rodrigo Miqueles. This is some lay back and relax ish, because it’s time to learn from this record. Two very different sides of aural pleasure, a great representation of a fusion of modern and traditional sounds that have gone into making this project so good. This is a limited pressing of 300 copies, so grab this forty five if you are looking for interesting play for you and your audience. Don’t sleep!

Stream the record below:

Get the record from Olindo records here.

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