Chairman Maf – Diva

If you love instrumental music, good beats, quality samples and something you can not just nod your head to but feel good to as well, then you have come to the right place. Ginger, Chairman Maf’s 6th instrumental album, and man does it shine. Chock full of grimy soul nuggets and chestnuts that are purposely rough around the edges, the man goes in on this one for sure. He has a knack for making music that you will be thinking about hours after you’ve played it, ultimately returning to these tracks to brighten up your day even further. He’s released a video for one track off of the record. “Diva” is a string filled, heavy handed, deep beats track that will compel you to nod your head and be singing the “It Don’t Matter What You Say/ I Ain’t Listening To You Anyway” for the rest of the week. This is one of our top instrumental tracks of 2018 right off the bat. It’s that dope. So, if you’re having a bad week, down in the dumps, need a pick me up of some of that good oooo weee, then let Chairman Maf be your guide. His music is music for the soul that cures what ails you. The sun does shine in Sheffield, and it’s Maf who’s behind it. Check out the video for “Diva” below:


Get it here.

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