10.18.18 WFMU Recap Nickel and Dime Radio

It was great to be on the air last night w/ my man Monk One on the Nickel and Dime Radio show hosted by Small Change on the mighty WFMU. As part of Singles Going Steady week, the three of us dropped a grip of 45s, three hours of funk, soul, Brazilian, boogie, dub reggae, psychedelic funk, and other tasty treats for the listeners ears. Singles Going Steady Week is a whole week where DJs just play seven inch records (and help raise money for the station through pledges). We of course, were happy to oblige. Say an all 45 set and we have no problem digging deep into our crates and pulling out some heat.  And there was heat all around, don’t believe us?  Check the link to the show below.  Indeed a great time playing and listening to all the sets.  Three hours goes by so fast though.  We were able to fill it with some face melters though, and Monk even snuck in a world premiere test pressing.  Listen up for that.

Follow the good music.- Monk One

It’s always great to get on air at WFMU to share the fruits of our labor with the listeners all over the world. Thanks to all who tuned in and were active on the message board. Small Change is an NYC institution, and his radio show, “free form at its best” is a place where you can hear a lot of dope music. His 45 game is deep (as is Monk’s), so it’s always a pleasure to hear records you might not know and get turned on to something you’ll fall down the rabbit hole with like every collector/ DJ does.

DJ Prestige’s first set starts at about the 1:12 mark and is heavy on the psych funk, cinematic soul, and other funky nuggets:

Nicola Spiromarino – Senza Titolo Uno
George Porter’s Joy Ride – Cissy Strut
The Rugged Nuggets – Head Above Water
DJ Frane – Vaporizer
Markey Funk – Witch Doctor
The Devil’s Anvil – Karkadon
El Michels Affair – Unathi
Yuriy Morozov – Rock For Marina
Living Color – Plastic People
Eurocinema – One Kind of Coffee
Radio Trip – Computers Singing (Alfomenga Remix)
Dennis Alcapone – Version Stand Alone

It picks back up for a short set at the 2:26 mark

Trio Ternura – A Gira
Etok Ubong – Black Debtors
Misha Panfilov Combo – Marathon
Untouchable Machine Shop – Machine Shop Vol. 1
Boca 45 – Les Beats

For those of you who may not have caught the live show, WFMU’s archive has got you covered. Go to the bottom of the article and find the streaming archived show for your listening pleasure. Long live Fun 91.1, WFMU!

Listen to the archived show here.

Pledge to WFMU here.

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