Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire – Take It Personally

Monday mornings are not the stuff of legend. It’s getting back to your grind, starting your week, and back to business for a lot of people. We know that personally, we need a soundtrack to our travels/ work/ daily routine. This am, Nik Weston and the good folks over at Mukatsuku Records have that soundtrack to wherever you are going to today. Brought up back from the early 2000’s, Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire, enlists the help of reggae crooner Desmond Foster on vocals and Salem Al Fakir on violin to get the goods where they need to be got on “Take It Personally”, ya dig? With a D’Angelo feel, smooth as hell and not giving AF, to us, this is a timeless sound. R & B with hip hop beats and a laid back approach make this seven a must for those who may have not heard it, or essential for those who are fans of the track. It’s like an alternate take of “Brown Sugar” with violins if D’Angelo and Foster had existed parallel on some astral plane. Whoa that was scientific! It’s a dope cut, let’s just say that. This neo-soul sound will have you bopping your head like George Clinton getting a haircut from the very start. Mukatsuku are constantly bringing the realness to the seven inch game. Whether it’s unearthing very hard to find 7s from around the world, linking up and doing exclusive releases of dope tracks with labels from across the globe, or putting out great DJ specific products, they’ve had their finger on the pulse of the game for a long time. Check out the song performed on television below, and peep the studio version after that. The record is out today, and limited to one per customer. It features an exclusive instrumental on the flip, and who doesn’t dig an instrumental? Exactly. The soundtrack to your journey begins with Mukatsuku today, so it’s your turn to get it.

Here’s the song performed live:

Studio version of the track here.

Get the record here, out today!

Dig Deeper!

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