PREMIERE: Pat Van Dyke & Alex Tea – Marie

Back at it once again is the man Pat Van Dyke aka PVD, who is teaming yup with Jersey City native Alex Tea on this new track called “Marie”. Tea is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist repping Chilltown USA who has quite the musical CV. Current projects include Sananga, a roots reggae project as well as Neosine, which fuses soul, folk, funk, and electro pop, and Orquestra Raiz, a collabo with São Paulo-based producer Klaus Sena. He’s a busy man, and like PVD, has made a name for himself in the local and national music community with a variety of projects which include composing over 150 jingles, soundscapes, and songs. Putting work in and it shows. “Marie”, a breath of warm, fresh air on a cold February day is a mellow bouncer, Tea’s vocals shining through as PVD and company work the back beat and vibes. It’s got that Pat Van Dyke sound: mellow, with a groove to make it move, lush keys and synths, drums right on point, and jazzy horns(sax bu Zac Cowell) to wrap it into a complete package. He’s known for this sound, and Tea’s vocals go right along with it perfectly. This is a track that hits all year round, but leaves the listener feeling like a Spring Day in Van Vorst Park, headphones on, blazing one up, nodding your head, and feeling right. Mastered by the mighty K-Def, listen to the track via Stereo Vision Recordings below:

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