The White Blinds – Sing A Simple Song

With a quickness, F-Spot Records jumps right back into their Homage 45 Series and grabs their funky organ trio The White Blinds to give us two sides of that West Coast heat on a seven. Fitting that they chose one of the best to ever do it, and cover Sly and the Family Stone’s “Sing A Simple Song”. Resurrecting the ghosts of The Mighty Burner, but this time on high octane rocket fuel, they transform Mr. Sylvester Stewart’s stone cold classic into a groove of their own. Staying by the original as much as they can, but of course giving it some original flavor, Carey Frank’s organ steps right up front (ya dig?) and Michael Duffy’s fatback drums plus the flaming guitar of Matt Hornbeck really uplift this cover to someplace higher. If you are a fan of soul jazz music, this funky outfit really lays it down, respecting the past and moving the genre forward for the future. But we are not done, as the flip, this time and original entitled “Klapp Back”, boils up a stew of funk, soul, and jazz, giving a nod to Bay Area drummer Mike Clark (most notably of The Headhunters, but an all around virtuoso), guitarist David Williams (Michael Jackson, The Dells), and organist Chester Thompson (Tower of Power/ Santana and let’s not discount his Black Jazz Powerhouse record from ’73). These cats know their past and definitely know their future is only possible from the foundations of that very past. “Klapp Back” is a tight mix of the aforementioned genres, with all over funky vibrations. This release follows their highly applauded 2018 release Get To Steppin’ , which raised eyebrows and rocked turntables globally. This release will be available on F-Spot Records on March 29th. Listen to both sides below.

Pre-order the record here.

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