Carloton Jumel Smith – This Is What Love Looks Like

Carlton Jumel Smith is back with Cold Diamond and Mink for some more soul time on Timmion Records and whoo wee is this one a soul monster if we have ever heard one! If you dug his first single on the label, then this second, “This Is What Love Looks Like”, leads the way for a full length in 2019 on the label. What we have here people is some hot ass funky soul, throwing a bit of the Windy City sound plus Houston, Texas guitar and horn stabs for a sure shot dance floor winner on the soul circuit. We knew that Smith had that magic when he first came on the scene, and seriously, this is our favorite track at the moment. We’ve needle dropped the dang thing more times than we can count. An absolute stunner of a single, this is exactly what we need right now in the

What are we willing to sacrifice for love?

world. Our political climate, the many strifes we all have every day. But we now have a record like this to brighten our day. With help on the track from the Cold Diamond & Mink Band, using the top of the top Finnish jazz players: Tuomo Prättälä, Jimi Tenor and Jukka Eskola, who just smoke the track on both the vocal and instrumental. The sides are that strong either way. But it’s Smith’s power, his raw energy that takes us back to the mid ’60’s and a track you’d expect to hear on Downtown Soulville on a Friday night and not in Helsinki. But soul music is alive and well all over the world, and Carlton Jumel Smith understands it. If this is what love looks like, this record is what true soul sounds like. Perfection.

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