Soul Scratch – America

Pushing forward from their previous full length Pushing Fire, Los Angeles outfit Soul Scratch is back once again with a new single on the Midwest powerhouse label Colemine Records. This is the first music they have dropped since that collection of sides, and boy is it powerful. The song, “America” starts off with a question: “Hold up, is this America? / Look around what’s happened to you/” and proceeds to light up the listener with deep thoughts, powerful guitars, heavy drums, a blast of horns, a West Coast earthquake of a bass line, and a message that is clear and concise. America’s in trouble y’all, so get it together. Lead singer Dale Spollett wails his message on this track loud and clear. What a tremendous follow up to a spot on previous full length. As if that wasn’t enough, the B-Side “We All Bleed The Same”, is a slow chugger with heavy organ, and back beat that harkens back to a mid to late ’60’s sound that sounds just as good today as it did back then. It’s applicable, and Soul Scratch’s call to be unified is sealed with the horns and voice married together, stitched to each other with enough gusto that would make a Muscle Shoals track look back twice. The tempo is slower than the A but the message is just as powerful. Two tracks that are desperately needed right now in America’s climate. Let’s stick together, not divide. We are all one people. If you like your soul with a deep, resounding message and a purpose, than this new Soul Scratch 45 is for you. Available in traditional black as well as color vinyl from Colemine on April 12th.

Pre-order and listen to the record here.

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