Brainstory – Dead End b/w Mnemophobia

Going out on a mellow tip this Friday we have the first forty five from Big Crown’s newest outfit, Brainstory. Hailing from Rialto, CA, this trio comprised of brothers Tony & Kevin Martin as well as blood brother drummer Eric Hagstrom are ready to take on the world with their debut single “Dead End” b/w “Mnemophobia”. Riding slow and low, the boys mix a heavy dose of psychedelic soul with funk and jazz, giving us a heady ride filled with Cali smoke that we all know is good for the soul. “Dead End” does not sound like it was made in 2019, rather the early ’70’s. Left Coast sun and fun, brimming with soulful grooves, plus an added bonus of New York City state of mind from producer Leon Michels. This combination is deadly, and let’s face it, Michels Midas touch has been working so long, there is no reason it shouldn’t work here. A steady back beat and falsetto bring this to the top, a ballad that will not just get the sweet soul heads excited, but anyone who can appreciate good musicianship and of course Michels producing which is spot on as always. Kevin Martin says about the track: “ It’s kind of like confronting death, but through relationships and coming to terms with who you are in the mirror of another person.” The B-side, “Mnemophobia”, continues on the slow burn, falsetto, and great harmonies. This side will catch on with the Oldies/ Low Rider set for sure. It’s got West Coast written all over it. Simple, but lush, this side is just as good as the first side, so you get two for one heat on this seven inch. Big Crown have found more gold for their world wide audience 1nce again. Looking forward to the full length from this talented trio. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em people, Brainstory are going to be here for a while.

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