Lady Wray – Piece Of Me

The queen of Big Crown is back, and she means business once again. Before she gave birth of her first child, she linked up with super producer Leon Michels in Upstate New York and dropped a few gems which we are hearing here this morning. Returning with an old school soul vibe, the new forty five “Piece Of Me” is an instant classic. Giving us a soulful Stax back beat, a definite track that will be sampled by someone and crafted into a tough beat no doubt (I’m sure Jay Dee would have scooped this up in a minute), it’s filled with emotion and has that head nodding power from the very start. It’s a song that references the hurdles with friends and family, who always need more. It’s something that many people can relate to, and Lady Wray delivers the message just right. We think it’s one of her hardest and most solid records she has put out via Big Crown. It’s full of emotions, and the listener walks away with something to think about for sure.

I’ll let you take a piece of me, I hope you get the piece you need, and if that’s not enough I’ll let you go peacefully.

The flip, “Come On In” sees the Lady returning to her roots, the early times she was singing in her church. It’s super soulful, a little brighter than the A, and the piano throughout is just amazing. Giving it a big back beat, it still has that El Michels touch and sound to it, proving once again that Leon Michels has that Midas touch on pretty much everything he has his hands in. Lady Wray, we have missed you. We’re glad that you’re back and look forward to hearing more magic that you create. Listen to “Piece Of Me” below via her bandcamp link and order after the stream. Big Crown for the bucket again and again.

Buy the record here.

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