Abstract Orchestra: Madvillain Vol. 2

For those of you who have not heard the extremely talented Abstract orchestra, pay attention closely. This is the second volume of Madvillain music, and like the first session, it’s completely fantastic. The original music stands tall on its own, as the two maestros put together quite a collection of tracks for themselves that has touched every hip hop nerd from Bejing to Bloomington, Coxsackie to Calcutta, and beyond. The genius behind this project is the reinterpretation of the Madvillain music in an orchestra style. Led once again by bandleader and saxophone player Rob Mitchell, Abstract Orchestra digs even deeper with Madvillain tracks on Volume 2. It’s all there: “Rhinestone Cowboy”, “Fire In The Hole”, “Figaro”, “Rainbows, “Borrowed Time”, “Operation Lifesaver”, and our fave: “Meat Gringer”. Plus once again there are a few mad mixes, mash ups, and a delightful track to end the record featuring MF DOOM. “Air” which also features Dabrye and Abstract Orchestra behind it. It’s not just a great track but a fitting way to end the record. This is also available on vinyl, and so is the first volume, so we highly recommend you not sleep and grab both copies (these are on major wants lists). Just more heat coming from the ATA camp and from Abstract Orchestra as well. It’s great to see the band push further into these types of reinterpretations, satisfying a lot of souls in the process. Recommended if you like instrumental hip hop, remixes, orchestral relicks of backpack hip hop, library music played live, as well as music to nod your head to. This will be right up your alley folks. Another winner from both ATA and Abstract Orchestra. You heard it here first. Boom.

Stream the entire record here:

Pre-Order the record here, available on ATA Records May 24th.

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