Wino Willy – Burlap

Bag season is here, and Superjock Records has teamed up with talented New Orleans beatsmith/ producer Wino Willy for his very first full length project on the label entitled Burlap. One of The Crescent City’s best beat makers, on Burlap he does double duty and steps behind the mic to spit as well. Using his time spent in Philly, Beijing, and The Big Easy, he puts you on a journey throughout neck snapping and catchy beats and rhymes. You may wonder: why should you travel to ‘Nawlins and get some beat tape by a guy we don’t even know? We’ll tell you why: because this project is dope, and it’s representing what’s going on in N.O. right now. These tracks are raw and they hit hard. This mix, in our opinion, is important, and already on its way to becoming a classic mixtape. Featuring a variety of New Orleans underground hip hop producers including friendkerrek, Sep Rock, Calamity, Plot Device, deliciousbeets, and more, there are tracks on this nineteen song tape that you will not find anywhere else. It’s also got a deluxe version with you guessed it, extra, bonus material, unreleased remixes and even more. Tap that link below if you want even more Wino Willy music. So even if you don’t have a cassette player, Walkman, boom box, Panasonic tabletop cassette with condenser microphone, you can still get the tape because it comes with a free download card so you can pump the digital file anyplace you want. Check out snippets of the tape below:

Use the code “burlap” at checkout to receive a 75% discount.

Get the cassette here.

Get the DELUXE version here.

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