Gökhan Sürer Quartet: Chimera EP

The newest Rocafort Records release is definitely something that will raise eyebrows and turn heads. It’s an international jazz effort that has players from Serbia, Mexico, Catalonia, and Turkey on it. Ladies and gentleman, meet the Gökhan Sürer Quartet. Led by Turkish composer and pianist Gökhan Sürer, who has his musical education in Istanbul, NYC, and Barcelona, brings his world jazz fusion sound with plenty of Chick Corea influences to the table with this quartet. Comprised of players Sürer (Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizers), Alán Chehab Oud (Fretless guitar), Juan Carlos Buchan Ayala (Double bass), and Marco Jelaca (Drums), this band puts a modern jazz touch and twist on Turkish and Armenian melodies, as well as adding reggae, funk, and rock sounds to the mix. This EP Chimera , is one of Rocafort’s most intense and developed release they have put out. With a worldly journey that comes from every angle of the Mediterranean as well as globally, the rhythms created for each of these tracks are amazing, and may require a few listens to really feel it deep down. The initial feel is beautifully done, but jazz requires a discerning ear, so don’t dismiss it if you haven’t got it yet. It’s there, and it’s spot on. This Ep is the first four tracks coming out of their first studio album, so we’re excited there are going to be more. Recorded in Barcelona at Room Studios, this EP is some of the best jazz you may not have heard of being made today. The cat is out of the bag, now it’s up to you to get in deep. Grab your favorite headphones, a glass of cognac, close your eyes and get taken away by the Gökhan Sürer Quartet. You’ll be glad you did. Limited to 300 copies world wide, this release will go fast.

Pre-order the record here, available via Rocafort August 30th.

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