SoulBrigada – Do Your Thang

The latest 45 in the series from Resense goes right along with what they have been offering all along, straight fire from the first needle drop. Since 2007 they have been making the world a better place with their releases, and if you were lucky enough to grab any on of the almost fifty records they have put out, well your life is definitely richer in the audio sense and I’m sure if you’re DJing your audience feels better too. They have put a lot of effort into these releases, more than a lot of companies out there. Don’t let the minimilist labels fool you: less is more, because the music really just takes you there. Soulbrigada’s “Do Your Thang” is the latest and greatest from the label and it’s fantastic in every way. This track encourages you to let loose, and we do too. With superb horn work, a great back beat, and lyrics like: “If something you got to say/ and rappin’ is the only way/ You feel like you need to scream/ and that’s the way you let off steam/ Do your thang! “, this thing is a winner from every angle. We’ve been following this label for a minute, and you should too. This one is a pure groover. Listen to it below and grab the record from their bandcamp page after the stream. Good times and good feelings on this seven inch.

Get the record here.

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