MC T. Tucker & DJ Irv – Where Dey At

Music is a wonderful thing. If you have been a music champion at all in your life, you most likely have heard movements in music. Whether it was the birth of punk or hip hop, or any of the genres or sub genres in music, a specialty sub genre of music has touched your ears. Superjock Records is going to take you back to the birth of a movement. No Drake or Beyonce did not start this thing. What we are talking about is New Orleans Bounce. What we’re talking about is a genre that would go on and change the course of New Orleans forever. “Where Dey At”, released on a cassette on Charlot Records in 1991 is ground zero for this storied music. This is the song that started it all. Superjock Records, a label who is all about New Orleans music and its history and culture, and not just funk and soul (as evident by their relicks of classic ‘Nawlins music and rap like Wino Willy) are bringing this ground breaking track out on vinyl for the first time. Whether it’s for you or not, there is no denying the power of a track like this. Remember this is 1991 and it turned New Orleans on its head. Eventually slipping into mainstream music, the label is preserving this sound something lovely. Made in a limited quality, you can listen to the radio and street versions below. Superjock Records making history once again.

Pre-order the record from Fat Beats here.

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