Crowd Company: Express 76

What we have today is an absolute authentic slice of funk from an eight piece band who are doing it right. Crowd Company, with sounds that bring us back to the ’60’s and ’70’s Hammond organ sounds, heavy horns, and more. Combining these sounds with a modern day jam band mentality, Crowd Company have put down their grooves all over the world. Today it’s back once again for your ears. Their latest effort is right up in our face and features Ryan Zodis and Eric Bloom from Lettuce. “Express 76”, a hot one in the chamber has all the right moves in this one to get the party started wherever you may be. Upbeat, satisfying, and dance floor fire, this track will be lighting up the dance from the first note dropped. If you like the Hammond x horn combinations, then you’ll no doubt flash back to those hot soul jazz sessions from McGriff, Holmes, Wilson, and more. Their sound is right on par with what we would call music to get down to, and then get down some more. They are not playing with this single, and as they follow up their last Live At The Jazz Cafe Lp (which showcased their dynamite and out of sight live show), we’re looking forward to hearing the full length of new music. For now though, you’ve got this rocket of a track in your pocket in “Express 76”. Listen to the track streaming below, the project is officially out on 10/25. Recorded with Alan Evans of Soulive, it’s going to be a monster. Keep your ears out for this long player!

Get the project here.

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