Mako and Mr. Bristow – Stank Soul Edits Vol. 5

Mako and Mr. Bristow are back once again for their lastest edition of the Stank Soul Edits. This time Volume 5 is a B-Boy (and B-Girl) delight, Always staying ahead of the curve, always doing some smooth ass edits for the people, this dynamic duo do not disappoint with today’s action. The A-side, “Diggin’ for A Livin’ ” is a smooth like butter, acoustic bluesy soul trip that sets off the first side of this volume of bangers. This one sneaks up on you and runs right through you like a subtle thunderstorm in the spring: loud and proud but big enough that you know it can do some damage. Top tune on the A, especially that bass line which we can’t get out of our head. The B-Side goes in another way. “Dynamic B-Boy” is a heavy, heavy drum track made just for the dance floor. Super soul vocals and a big drum beater (you know and appreciate the opening drums) that will have the masses moving their asses, we’re quite sure of that. With the funky guitar, deeper bass, the addition of organ, plus a great sprinkling of percussion throughout, you have an anthem for a B-Boy battle for sure. These records aren’t made just for the battle though people, they’re viable, super funky 7″ records that will rock your world as well as rocking your party. Good God, jump back and kiss yourself, Mako and Mr. Bristow are back with heat, Listen to both sides of the record below and order the forty-five after the link.

Listen to Diggin’ for A Livin’ here.

Listen to Dynamic B-Boy here.

Buy the record here.

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