Feeling This Friday: Birdbone Unlimited – Fancy Free

It’s Friday and of course we are feeling something and had to pass it on to you. This week we’ve got some super sexy heat from Birdbone Unlimited on the Star Creature Universal Vibrations label. Put yout foot down on the one because the party has just begun with this freaky slapper in “Fancy Free” If funk is your bag, then you’ve definitely come to the right place with this forty-five. Major West Coast funky vibes here people, and the duo of Brian Ellis and Tim Tucker are currently unstoppable at the moment. This is a guaranteed good time from the first needle drop. We’d even play this twice in a night it’s so good (and we never, ever do that). We’d like to call this one certified, and if we can borrow a phrase from the great Dolemite: “Put your weight on it!” while you’re at it. If you are down with eighties funk floor boogie bangers, then this is a track this will light up your evening. Like the boys say: “I can feel the music take control of me/ I feel the fever/ dancing to the beat/ I can’t stop it/ Feeling Fancy Free.” These records on Star Creature do not hang around long, believe us. Play this thing on your dad’s stereo and when he comes in and asks what this noise is, just say: “Ok Boomer, this is Birdbone Unlimited.” Then crank up the end synth parts really loud. You get the vocal and instrumental mix on this seven, so what are you waiting for? Stream below and gran the record from Star Creature’s bandcamp page after the stream.

Get the record here.

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