PREMIERE: Sulu & Excelsior feat. Hiro-a-key – Find Another

This morning we are happy to bring you some new material from Sulu & Excelsior. In fact, we’re premiering their new video “Find Another” from their sophomore record The AntiMatter Suite. With roots firmly planted in modern funk and soul, hip hop, and other funky delicacies, Sulu has proven that his music stands the test of time. This new single/ video follows suit on his previous releases and affirms what we are saying. “Find Another” is a heartfelt, passionate track that is not only catchy but fits nicely in many compartments of music out there today. Sulu has the knack for being a slow jam king that can move the listener’s ears from smooth, velvety, butter-like soulful lyrics and backbeats into a transition of rap styles that move quickly like a boxer’s jabs and ring motion. It’s not some crazy, out of sync motion, either. His ability to captivate the audience with that R & B style has been a signature trait of this man from the early days in P.I.C., running around the

Never took the fast lane, ever. short gains, never.

bars of the LES causing havoc from stage to stage. With some crooning help from vocalist Hiro-a-key, this is a track that we can definitely get behind. It’s catchy, and you may find yourself hitting the back button more than once after the song is finished. We’re down with the bass line and the synth work throughout that can keep your head nodding and improve that mood for the rest of the day. Check out the video below and purchase the digital album after the video. More top-notch production from the slow jam king and his court.

Get the project here.

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