Mr. Confuse – Spinning Around

Sliding into your Tuesday like whaaaat, we’ve got a super limited edition forty five from Hannover. Germany’s Mr. Confuse. Churning out some of the best dance floor funk since 1999 ( I know, you’re saying: “How do I NOT know this guy?” That’s why we’re here!), the latest seven inch from Confuse is a beauty. “Spinning Around” is on the afro-funk tip and has a groove that makes the body move, ya dig? Heavy heavy drums, a killer bassline, horn stabs for days, and the organ, The organ steals the show. This has dance floor written all over it. If you can’t move to this, let’s face it, you’re dead. The flip, “Against All Odds” is definitely not a Phil Collins cover from the 1980’s, but rather a driving track that is an uprocker to the fullest. Made for the B-Boys and B-Girls out there, this one has a hard bass line, breaks, and enough brass to make Brass Construction jump back and kiss themselves. But, the record is surely not over yet. The third and last track, “The Night Watcher” is our sleeper track of the forty-five. Straight up on the afrobeat tip, the Fender Rhodes plus the horns really make this thing go with plenty of gas. Percussion is top-notch as well. This one is a sure shot from all angles. We’re not saying don’t sleep on this record, but we are really saying it. Another one to fly under the radar if you let it. Mr. Confuse is that dude no doubt, just have a listen to all three tracks and you’ll hear why. Stream the tracks below and buy after the music.

Get the record from Confunktion Records here.

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