Djar One – Rescue Me

We think that in this really trying time for everyone, we all might need to be rescued just a little bit. Wouldn’t you agree? If the quarantine blues have you down, you’re not sure what the future holds, you are unsure of what’s coming around the next corner, or you just want to be taken to a place for a few minutes, then the ever competent DJar One has something for your ears. If you’re familiar with the maestro of the edit and the label Beat House Records from France, then you know the power of the music put out by this artist and label. This time, Djar takes on some funky soul and flips it like he can only do. “Rescue Me” needs no introduction, and with some beefed-up drums and a b-boy attitude, this edit of one of the best queen to ever do it is a guaranteed stomper. The flip, “Bar-B-Q” is another soul mover that will get them going in every direction no matter how you look at it. Who the hell doesn’t like to barbeque either? Another one for all you soul lovers, the guitar on side B is damn good if we can say it. Go ahead, get up from your seat and do a little dance. You can’t help but to move on this one. This 45 is a winner all around. For sure, this one will get your toes tapping because that’s what’s happening on this seven inch from start to finish. This record is limited to 200 pieces with no repress, so grab it before it’s gone. Stream both sides of the record below and order after the Bandcamp stream.

Get the record here.

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