Boca 45 – It’s All There

It’s hard to believe that we’re midway through the year and Boca 45 is on his third 2020 Donut of the year already. This one is a proper banger for sure. It’s two sides of absolute heat from start to finish on two very different tracks that have the same theme throughout: they’re both lava rocks. Without wasting any time, side A is a collabo with vocalist Kelvin Swaby from The Heavy. For those of you who may think you have no idea who The Heavy is, their smash hit “How You Like Me Now?” was a global charter and still a rocker to this very minute. Swaby gets down on the vocals with a catchy hook that will surely have you singing along long after the record is finished. Boca’s top-notch production lends itself lovely to this funky dancefloor stomper. The flip is a take on the 1973 B-Boy anthem “Hot Wheels (The Chase)” from Badder Than Evil by The Bryan Munich All-Stars and the second track on a donut from them after their theme song was put on a previous 45. Here’s what Boca had to say about the new track from the lads:

Getting this band back together for my idea of doing a Bristolian cover version of the B-Boy Classic “Hot Wheels (The Chase)” was hard beyond belief. Sometimes I thought it would had been easier putting The Beatles back together! We managed to finally get back in a room in March shortly before lockdown and what you hear on the record is take 2 LIVE from Invada studios, Bristol mixed down by my good buddy Geoff Barrow.

This who’s who of music royalty and star players from the Bristol Casuals football League on the team of the same name took time from their busy music schedule of making music for a television series to lay down this track. The band, comprised of Geoff Barrow (Portishead/Beak), Ben Salisbury, Billy Fuller (Beak/Robert Plant Bass Player), and Jerry Crozier Cole & Ant Poploski) do this cover of the underground anthem and B-Boy rocker proper. While their musical prowess is on a professional level, we’re told at press time that their football skills are dodgy (we’re still waiting for the highlight reels from Match of The Day to be sent over). So what we have here are two totally banging party tracks from Mr.Hendy and as usual, his prowess behind the decks and the mixing board are what keep us and many DJs coming back for these tracks. Listen to a snippet of the track below, it’s out today on yellow vinyl stamped and hand-numbered.

Get the record here.

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