SimfOnyx – Magenta Skyline​ b/​w The Unresolved

The world keeps spinning and the music keeps being created, and while the world is in flux right now, we’re delighted to hear some new music from a label of the same name: Delights Records. This one is a special collaboration between the talented label boss Markey Funk and Haifa’s man who can do anything you ask him to do well; Shuzin. They form together like Voltron and put together some deep music as SimfOnyx. Although they are well acquainted and share a friendship for some time, it seems that because of both of their demanding schedules they haven’t been able to collab together until up to recent times. These two tracks offer up a glimpse of what’s to come. “Magenta Skyline” is a dark but funky organ grinder of a track that rides a steady wave of organ and drums as it goes on a journey to a place that’s not yet known. It’s got some library/ psych vibes that we are definitely feeling and a signature sound of the label. The flip, “The Unresolved” is the harder of the two on the seven inch. With a fuzzed-out sound and heavy guitar vibes, this one could have been on Tower or Vertigo had it not been known it was made in 2020. This is a track you’d expect on an Andy Votel mixtape and could easily fit on some horror movie soundtrack from the ’70s you dug up on VHS at a yard sale. Right on par with the label’s sound and aesthetic, if hard psych-funk and library organ jams are your thing, Markey Funk and Shuzin as SimfOnyx do not disappoint. Great music for these trying times coming out of Israel. Look for more from the Delights label and future collaborations between these two on Flea Market Funk. Stream both sides of the record below and pre-order the 45 after the stream.

Pre-Order the record here.

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