Djar One – Oye Como Va

Aw yes ain’t that fresh! French producer Djar One is back with the Summer heat on this two sided banger on Beats House Records that’s been reupped in case you missed it the first time. Let’s take a flight to Puerto Rico, enjoy the surf, sun, sand, and especially the music. His latest release is a tasty edit of “Oye Como Va”. This classic is beefed up by the man himself with some heavy drums and an uprockers delight of grooves from start to finish. And, who doesn’t love a flute when it’s funky? Djar One really knows how to get the party started and get the dance floor moving (virtual or otherwise)! The flip, “Dance Dance” is a super uptempo side; loaded with horns and catchy vocals that will for sure get the feet moving, hands in the air, and like a Frankie Cutlass track, have them screaming “Ho!”. The percussion on both tracks are ill, so ill that we’re hoping you might not have to go to the doctor. But let’s face it, you love these tracks, and if you’ve been checking out the work of Djar One and his stable of productions (original and reworks), you know that they are always on the funky side. They’re perfect for that B-boy or B-girl in your life, but appeal to more than just that crowd. Some of these have gone on to become party rocking anthems, and this one is on its way to being that. So if you’ve never been to P.R., let Djar One take you on a little ride. But bring your dancing shoes and a towel, you’re gonna get sweaty. The drinks will be flowing as well. Listen to both sides on this 45, and order after the stream. This time it’s on white vinyl and limited to 200 white color records. Get on it, because the red sold out the first time. Solid.

Get the record here.

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