Feeling This Friday: Koma Saxo – Koma Mate

This one may have slipped under the radar last month, but here we are feeling it on a sweltering July day. The applauded bassist/ producer Petter Eldh and his Koma Saxo has given an updated take and look at a track from their 2019 debut record. “Koma Tema” has become “Koma Mate”. This slice of new jazz with an old work ethic is a banger in itself. This one is something to jazz about people. Featuring Eldh on double bass, Christian Lillinger on drums, Otis Sandsjö and Jonas Kullhammar on tenor sax, and Mikko Innanen on alto sax, it’s a wild ride of percussion, bass and multiple horn clashes. The flip, “Jagd” features Jameszoo, who takes apart the puts back together the saxophone pieces of “Koma Saxo”. It’s another battle of sounds that push themselves into the grooves that remind us of when Dilla did his drunk drums and people lost their mind. That’s the sense we get here with the horns. They may feel like they are out of place, but listen again, as Jameszoo knows exactly what he’s doing and does it really well. Two sides of jazz heat and this one comes out of Finland on the highly regarded We Jazz label. This forty five comes with the old style heat pressed labels and our favorite, generic brown paper sleeves. If jazz is your thing, this one is definitely one that should sit on your shelf. Have a listen to the track below and then purchase the 7” after the stream.

Get the record here.

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