Another Token Jazz Hour

This one is for all of you jazz lovers out there. It’s also for all you sample and beat heads, and of course those of you who dig James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla DJ/ Producer Bowls returns for the second volume of the heralded Token Jazz Hour mixtape series. Recorded nearly seven years after the original mix, the source material was ripped from 100% vinyl (minus two songs that were only issued on CD or cassette). Picking up where the first installment left off, Another Token Jazz Hour delves deeper than the first, hitting of course some of the classics, but also focusing in on many of the unknown samples used by one of Detroit’s finest. These are the types of mixes we really love here at Flea Market Funk. Mixes that take us deep into the minds of producers and showcase their virtuosity and ability to hear that sound raw through their ear (knowing what the final product became in their work). It’s a sixty minute tribute that brings out Dilla’s passion for the music, his impeccable selection of samples, and the myriad of musical projects he contributed to this game. This is a mix that you can just put on (headphones or not) and enjoy the ride from start to finish. Bowls, who is no stranger to DJing or putting out great projects, has done another fine job here with this next episode of Token Jazz Hour. Listen to the mix below streaming on bandcamp, Also, download the project by naming your price. By doing this, you’ll be supporting independent artists who bring us such audible joys with their work. From Nashville to Detroit and to the world around, Bowls is doing just that.

Get the project here.

If you like what you hear, hit him uo on Instagram of Twitter @bowls615 and tell him.

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