Feeling This Friday: Danielle Ponder & Karate Boogaloo – Look Around

It’s an Australian/ USA connection on this rally cry side today from FMF alums Karate Boogaloo and New York Singer and activist Danielle Ponder. Written and put together in the very beginning of 2020 with Danielle in Melbourne, “Look Around” had been conceived with the immense fires in Australia raging. Little did anyone know that 2020 would become the dumpster fire it has for the entire world, making these lyrics and song not just more poignant but an anthem for the unrest that is felt globally. After George Floyd’s death, this track really started to hit home even more.

Fires were raging through Australia and smoke covered the sky. It felt like all of our human sins had gotten the best of us and we were paying a price. I didn’t know that when I arrived back home in the U.S, the world would only get darker. I feel like my past self wrote this song for my future self knowing what was to come.” ​This song would help Danielle through what has been one of the most painful times to be Black in America.

Although the singer and band come from different parts of the world, there was still a common bond not just with the music (as they all play together like they’ve been making music for yers), but with their common bond on social justice with movements such as Black Lives Matter and the oppression of POC. This is not just a USA problem, as we saw with George Floyd’s death, but Australia faces the same oppression of indigenous people, high prison numbers of this population, as well as the same types of deaths by police in the country as well. The song itself, an anthem for these times is what we are feeling this Friday. The singer and band mesh together beautifully, as this song really is what’s going on. Kudos to both band and vocalist. Saying it resonates deeply with the world in 2020 is an understatement. Stream the track below, and purchase it after the stream. All sales in July and August are going to be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative in the USA and Warriors Of The Aboriginal Resistance in Australia. “Look Around” is a huge contender to one of the most important tracks of the year.

Get the track here.

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