Mako & Mr. Bristow – Stank Soul Edits Vol. 6

We’re finally happy to have a copy of this new Mako & Mr. Bristow record in our hands. And, quite honestly, we wish a lot of record labels would have the consumer assurance that the label has. There was a pressing error which delayed the release (which absolutely happens), and after their quality control people got a hold of it, here we have the latest banger for your ears today. “Stank Soul Edits Vol. 6” is another example of the top notch edit work this duo has been putting out for more than a minute. Always upbeat, always uplifting, and always for the dance floor this one is just like the others but in a league of its own. “Stealing Alright”, for one, has that beat. It’s got drums for days. It also has those steel drums. Yeah son, we said it (Actually we said it in a Jazzsoon voice, more like “YEAH SOOOON! BWAPPPP!”. We need a hype man like Jazz for real.) Side A of this record is fantastic. Summer vibes, uprocking, floor moves, and a guitar outro that is dope too. Side B, “Stolen Nolan” has you moving as well. Soulful with some beefed up drums and a guitar loop that is catchy as hell, we have another winner here people. You didn’t think you wanted a little Northern in your life, did you? But here you have it. What’s cool about these edits (from the very first 45) is that they’re a unique take of songs you may or may not be familiar with. But what you will be familiar with is your head nodding and your feet moving in place, or if you choose your body dancing, because Mako &has Mr. Bristow have this formula down. Brought to you by the good folks who care about how their record quality really is, Breakbeat Paradise, so hats off to them and the duo for blessing our ears with more heat.

Listen to the records here.

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