88 Strong Tees For The Win

We’ve been supporting and repping 88 Strong Tees for quite a while here at Flea Market Funk. In fact, one could say that we have been down since day one. For the crate-digger, the DJ, the audiophile, the B Boy, the Northern Soul spinner, the Souldies lover, the funk head, the jazz snob, the Wu aficionado, and just about any other person who digs vinyl record and DJ culture, 88 Strong Tees has got you covered from A to Z. It’s a one-stop shop for tees that are related to record labels, hip hop, soul, jazz, blues, reggae, and more. It’s not all just popular labels either, they’ve got the Rawkus, the out on the fringe soul and jazz labels, even some great hip hop styles you might want to rock. The bottom line is that these cats know the deal when it comes to repping the culture to the fullest. And starting today, you can get 40% off of anything on the site. That’s anything. So if you or your loved one digs vinyl record and crate-digging culture, 88 Strong Tees is the place to get unique tees on the internet.

Here’s how you do it. Go right to 88 Strong Dot Com and after you check out the discount gets applied to your cart. It’s that easy! If you like record labels such as Motown, or Blue Note, or Casablanca, or even labels like Blue Cat or Duke, you’re in luck. Top-quality prints on top quality shirts. You’ll put a smile on someone’s face this year for the holidays (it may even be your own).

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