IPA-Boogie: Get The Music Now b/w Africa

We love a good African record here at Flea Market Funk, so when this one came across the turntable it had to be put on your radar. Acid Jazz Records, who have been blazing the trail in the industry for decades, continues to do so with another sure shot. This time they debut the first single in their Albarika imprint series. With a grip of rare singles and unknown versions of records planned for release this year, this series digs deeper. Most definitely one to keep an ear out for. It’s fitting that they do it in a grand fashion and give the listener some of the most obscure afro-boogie and afro-funk out there with the IPA-Band’s “Get The Music” and “Africa”.

These tracks were taken from their 1978 debut and are some of the only recordings of the band. A slapper of a track, it’s anchored by some heavy bass, spacey organ, and tight, wah-wah guitar that is sure to have you moving in your seat. This is a top-notch track to start the series with. By the time the vocals kick in, you’re already on your way to grooving hard. Well done Acid Jazz, we can’t wait for more of what follows this release. The record is on a seven-inch for the first time and boasts two short versions of each track. Mastered and lacquer cut by Frank Merritt at The Carvery, you know it’s an official release when he gets his hands on it. Stream the record below and pre-order after the stream. This one is available on March 5th via Acid Jazz.

Pre-order the record here.

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