Feeling This Friday: Whatitdo Archive Group

When this project first came out, we wrote about the fantastic feeling this record gave us. The Whatitdo Archive Group has given us a gem of a record in the OST of The Blackstone Affair. Chock full of jazzy, funky goodness on the soundtrack tip (and with a head nod to the Italian greats of soundtracks), they’ve managed to get a single out to the public before the whole record drops in April. Presenting, “The Return of Beaumont Jenkins”. Side A of this funky little trip features Allesandro Alessandroni, Jr. has us rocking this am. From the heavy bass to the Morricone whistles to the backbeat, this one is a bonafide keeper. It’s got some definite library-esque feels to it, and as the piano jumps in, you’ll hear why. The flip is a nonalbum bonus track, which we highly recommend as well. “La Pietra” rums the gamut from library/ OST music to the edge of a horror film soundtrack. It’s the organ that differentiates itself from side A, giving this bonus cut legs and a thumbs up in our book. Both tracks are definitely dope, and what a good move to get a single out before the big premiere. Record Kicks have done a bang-up job on this one, so for all of you that dig the soundtracks, collect obscure movie music (real or not), this one deserves to be on your shelf. The forty-five is available now from their bandcamp page. Stream both sides of this winner below and purchase the record after the stream. Limited to 500 pieces, this one will sell out quick. Feeling it this Friday.

Get the record here.

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